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What not to do at the gym 8

Sometimes this happens. A very enthusiastic guy who starts focusing on everyone else's workouts rather than his own!

April 19, 2013 Sunnah Strength, Videos

What not to do at the gym 7

Sometimes if you're supersetting, remember you don't own it all to yourself, remember to share.

April 04, 2013 Sunnah Strength, Videos

What not to do at the gym 6

The reality is some cheat sets and reps are okay and even encouraged under certain circumstances to progress, but this here is just silly... well

April 02, 2013 Sunnah Strength, Videos

What not to do at the gym 4 & 5

What not to do at the gym Parts 4 & 5.

April 21, 2013 Sunnah Strength, Videos

Introducing Team Sunnah Strength

Today I would like to introduce team Sunnah Strength! Sunnah Strength is a United Kingdom, London based group of brothers "dedicated to helping Muslims with

April 13, 2013 News, Sunnah Strength, Videos

Ahmed Deadlifts 440lbs [199.5kg] x 1 (PR)

I set my PR of 440lbs [199.5kg] x 1 on deadlifts. From here on in I will focus on hypertrophy training, increasing repetitions and volume

April 22, 2013 Videos

Faizan Squats 455lbs [206.4kg] x 2

After about 5 sets and while already tired, Faizan ends it big with 455lbs [206.4kg] x 2

March 30, 2013 Videos

Ahmed Deadlifts 435lbs [197kg] x 1 (PR)

365x9, 395x7, 435x1 (PR) I have more strength left in me since I am doing less volume and taking longer breaks

March 27, 2013 Videos
Test 3

Ahmed’s Deadlifts – 425×1 (PR)

360x9, 390x5, 425x1 (PR) As promised here is a video to make up for the last time when camera ran out of space

March 58, 2013 Videos
Ahmed’s ATG Squats – 305×2 (PR)

Ahmed’s ATG Squats – 305×2 (PR)

Squats have been my biggest challenge being tall at 6'2 -- long range of motion. I started with an empty bar doing ATG a year

March 20, 2013 Videos
Ahmed’s Deadlifts – 420×1 (PR)

Ahmed’s Deadlifts – 420×1 (PR)

355x7, 395x6, 410x2, 420x1 (pr) but camera ran out of space, next week inshAllah I will make up for the loss

March 53, 2013 Videos
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