Recently I’ve had the nice opportunity to listen in to a conversion story of a Latina Sister from NYC, Sister Zainab Ismail. It peeked my interest as this sister is a fitness trainer and a former fitness competitor prior to Islam. She continues to train her clients but has taken on the effort to bring health and fitness to Muslims, in particular Sisters. Something I hope to one day do with this site inshAllah but certainly something extraordinary when she has taken it beyond the on-line world and into real life locally with sisters!

I’ve posted pictures and videos pertaining to her program, on going activities and will continue to do so in her thread on the Forum under the exercise section inshAllah.

I had a brief chance to speak with her and I am very excited in following her training program’s progress. Dubbed Nadoona Extreme, it is a 30 day challenge DVD training video for sisters. For more information she has a website and Facebook page you may follow directly.

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