Assalamu Alaikum everyone, Ahmed reporting in!

As many of you know my ultimate goal with this website project and our Forum is to develop it into the biggest Online Muslim Community umbrella for Bodybuilding, Power-Lifting, Strength Training, Fitness, Health, Nutrition, and everything else that falls within the same scope inshAllah. Brothers sharing their progress, knowledge, experiences, getting encouragement, giving motivation, asking questions, getting answers all while interacting with one another. Along the way I intend to share my own progress, knowledge and experiences and I hope inshAllah people will benefit from that but this website is not intended to be all about me. Everyone can benefit and learn from each other. There is always room for improvement and new knowledge along the way. There’s always a different angle, approach and opinion to something you might have or might have not been exposed to.

One of my goals with this website is to bring together Muslim groups and organizations involved in physical fitness from around the world together. Give them exposure and the ability to interact with one another. I realized that my website now has a UK and Europe following so I better start mentioning kilograms instead of just pounds in my own articles and videos :)

Introducing team Sunnah Strength

Today I would like to introduce team Sunnah Strength. Some of you may already know them from their YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Sunnah Strength is a United Kingdom, London based group of brothers “dedicated to helping Muslims with their goal of getting fit & strong just like the Sunnah requires”. They’ve made several videos with tips, training and their own steady progress.

I’ve been interacting with brother Abu Sumaya (Mohammed) and Muj (Mujib) and thought it would be good to finally introduce them to the site. The two of them are personal trainers. There are four members of Sunnah Strength, they are brothers Mujib, Mohammed, Jamal and Jhakkar. They all have an interest in bodybuilding, fitness & health and are strongly committed to ‘Strengthening the Ummah’ as their motto stands. InshaAllah.

The UK Muslim community is strong mashAllah. They’ve told me there are even Muslim brother run Gyms! However the majority of Muslims like everywhere else now a days have become lazy and unfit. The Muslim population is growing larger in numbers but it seems we are all adopting to the unhealthy and inactive living of so called modern day living! Something that team Sunnah Strength wishes to change, and we all do inshAllah!

What not to do at the gym:

Here’s a preview of some of their videos, I found these two hilarious!

So mashAllah for these brothers Mujib, Mohammed, Jamal and Jhakkar of Sunnah Strength! Check them out!

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