May Allah (swt) accept all our fasts, du’as and worship. AMEEN!

 Assalamu Alaikum and Eid Mubarak!

Now that Ramadan is over, it is the perfect opportunity to get yourself serious about becoming fit and getting back into shape. Whether your goal is to lose fat, get stronger, build muscle, or anything else in between stay tuned as we’ll have many videos and articles in the months to come inshAllah!

I will have a Ramadan conclusion vLog on YouTube very soon with my thoughts, experience, how everything went and what I’ve learned this year!

Enjoy and share this Eid Mubarak wallpaper with your friends and family and let them know about

If you haven’t already signed up on our forum do so and if you have participate!

I’ve made some neat changes to the Forum:

  1. The top stats table has been improved.
  2. The forum is now open to sisters!
  3. There are two segregated private sections where private discussion can be held without the other gender peeking in. One for brothers and one for sisters.
  4. There is now a martial arts and sports section on the Forum.
  5. I will have a sister joining soon that will inshAllah moderate and contribute for sisters related fitness content

So let your friends and family know and most importantly improve and better yourself starting today inshAllah!

Kneel down in sujood to strengthen your soul and exercise to strength your body

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