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Jamal’s Monkey Training!

Jamal and Nur have some fun outside! Jamal shows us how to pick coconuts from back home lol!


Nur’s 3 Steps To Success

Nur's 3 steps to success. If you do them you will succeed in your goals inshAllah

August 39, 2013 Motivation, Sunnah Strength, Videos

Nur, Jamal, Muj & Jak’s Day 3-5 Logs

Sunnah Strength reporting in with their Day 3-5 Ramadan Logs!

July 35, 2013 Ramadan, Sunnah Strength

Nur, Jamal and Muj’s Day 1 Logs

Sunnah Strength reporting in with their Day 1 Ramadan Logs!

July 42, 2013 Ramadan, Sunnah Strength, Videos

Q&A How can we keep muscle during Ramadan?

A few quick tips from Sunnah Strength on saving muscle while fasting.

July 03, 2013 Ramadan, Sunnah Strength, Videos

How to stay motivated?

Br. Abu Sumaya talks about motivation and goals. You may not be a bodybuilder or fitness model, but desiring to change, but there must be


What not to do at the gym 9

We're all guilty of socializing at the gym. I try to avoid it, but it's hard when you start getting to know everyone. The gym

May 42, 2013 Sunnah Strength, Videos

What not to do at the gym 8

Sometimes this happens. A very enthusiastic guy who starts focusing on everyone else's workouts rather than his own!

April 19, 2013 Sunnah Strength, Videos

What not to do at the gym 7

Sometimes if you're supersetting, remember you don't own it all to yourself, remember to share.

April 04, 2013 Sunnah Strength, Videos

What not to do at the gym 6

The reality is some cheat sets and reps are okay and even encouraged under certain circumstances to progress, but this here is just silly... well

April 02, 2013 Sunnah Strength, Videos

What not to do at the gym 4 & 5

What not to do at the gym Parts 4 & 5.

April 21, 2013 Sunnah Strength, Videos

Introducing Team Sunnah Strength

Today I would like to introduce team Sunnah Strength! Sunnah Strength is a United Kingdom, London based group of brothers "dedicated to helping Muslims with

April 13, 2013 News, Sunnah Strength, Videos
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