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Sodium: A Closer Look

Sodium is an important part of every athlete’s diet. Athletes have higher sodium needs compared to the general population because sodium loss escalates when one

August 30, 2013 Health, Nutrition

The root cause of obesity in the West?

What is the cause of obesity in the west? In this article a number of scientists and researchers give a clue as to the dietary

August 22, 2013 Fat Loss, Health, Nutrition

Fasting 1x-2x per week helps you live a longer and healthier life?

Not eating for one or even two days a week could be the trick to a longer life - and may ward off cancer and

July 06, 2013 Health, Ramadan

Fasting: A fast way to detox and improve health

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is ordained in Islam, and it is therapeutic and preventive for many of the diseases people suffer from as

July 08, 2013 Health, Ramadan

Use of fasting in treating diabetes & cardiovascular health

The British Journal of Diabetes and Vascular Disease published by SAGE, suggests that fasting diets may help those with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

July 54, 2013 Health, Ramadan

Fasting may be the best way to combat cancer

Fasting for short periods could help combat cancer and boost effectiveness of its treatments, a new study has claimed.

July 03, 2013 Health, Ramadan

Late Nights and Shorter Sleep Induces Weight Gain

A new study suggests that healthy adults with late bedtimes and chronic sleep restriction may be more susceptible to weight gain due to the increased

July 51, 2013 Fat Loss, Health

Top 10 Hydrating Fruits For The Ramadan Heat

What a blessed time of year when the glorious month of Allah connects with His sweet summer season. Here are 10 fruits to keep us

June 34, 2013 Health, Nutrition, Ramadan

20 foods to always buy organic even while on a budget

Monsanto’s herbicide formula Roundup destroys testosterone, causes male infertility, more than 25 diseases, DNA damage, birth defects, liver dysfunction, and cancer. Buy organic foods whenever

June 05, 2013 Health, Nutrition

Eating Cleaner And Healthier On A Budget

Real food is pricier than processed food made in a lab or a factory. And you will certainly see a jump in the grand total

June 16, 2013 Health, Nutrition

Weight Loss Improves Memory and Alters Brain Activity

A new study finds that memory improves in older, overweight women after losing weight by dieting. Their brain activity changes in the regions of the

June 41, 2013 Fat Loss, Health

Fattening Carbs – Promoting Obesity and Worse

Consumption of processed foods and refined carbs such as white flour, white rice, pasta, and potatoes induces not only obesity but also disease as

June 32, 2013 Fat Loss, Health, Nutrition
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