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The root cause of obesity in the West?

What is the cause of obesity in the west? In this article a number of scientists and researchers give a clue as to the dietary

August 22, 2013 Fat Loss, Health, Nutrition

Late Nights and Shorter Sleep Induces Weight Gain

A new study suggests that healthy adults with late bedtimes and chronic sleep restriction may be more susceptible to weight gain due to the increased

July 51, 2013 Fat Loss, Health

Weight Loss Improves Memory and Alters Brain Activity

A new study finds that memory improves in older, overweight women after losing weight by dieting. Their brain activity changes in the regions of the

June 41, 2013 Fat Loss, Health

Fattening Carbs – Promoting Obesity and Worse

Consumption of processed foods and refined carbs such as white flour, white rice, pasta, and potatoes induces not only obesity but also disease as

June 32, 2013 Fat Loss, Health, Nutrition

High protein vs High carb weight loss research study results

A war over weight loss is usually fought between low-carb and low-fat folks. Protein, the third macro-nutrient, is often forgotten in the heat of battle.

June 32, 2013 Fat Loss, Nutrition

Fat, Skinny, Skinny Fat or Fit?

I've seen many people left disappointed with their 'fitness' efforts. They bust their heart & soul but fail by doing it wrong. What is the

June 15, 2013 Fat Loss, Health, Motivation

Maximum Fat Loss

Physique athletes, bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors eat and train different. What they do to develop their aesthetically pleasing bodies is the exact opposite of

May 24, 2013 Fat Loss

Fast Food: Poison on a plate

What’s on the menu at fast food restaurants lately? Ironically enough, the answer increasingly is… “health food!” Even more absurd, many fast food joints are

May 43, 2013 Fat Loss, Health, Nutrition

Beginner’s journey: mistakes

Beginner's mistakes are plenty. Even seasoned weight lifters error on what I am about to discuss. If I had a mentor telling me what not


Extreme weight loss & loose skin

What got you into the loose skin predicament are your two mistakes. Getting obese and thinking that the extreme opposite is the answer: hasty weight

March 25, 2013 Fat Loss
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