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I decided to post these old clips for fun. I am looking forward to investing in the “Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera” which comes out in July. This video has poor angles, me being cut off, terrible color, lighting, terrible dynamic range, terrible exposure where everything is washed out, but HEY all fun!

It mostly consists of last finishing sets where I’m already exhausted. This at the time (Apr 25th) was 3 weeks into my cut and I was already getting weaker, dropping from 85lbs shoulder press to 80lbs and suffering on form but alhamdulillah all in order for the cut, after Ramadan it’s bulk time 😉

In a nutshell my shoulder training consists of:

  • Warm up empty barbell 20 reps front and rear
  • 2 sets of warm up DB shoulder presses up to 12 reps, followed by 1 set of single hand lateral DB raises up to 12 reps and 1 set of bentover rear delt DB raises up to 20 reps.
  • Then I do the above 1x set DB shoulder press heavier, 1x set DB lateral raises, 1x set DB bent over raises and I repeat this three times.
  • In between each super set above I do 5-10lbs plate shoulder rotations back and forth both hands
  • I do 2-3 sets of shoulder/trap shrugs.
  • I finish up with lateral delt lever machine either 3 sets or one drop set to failure super set with rear delt reverse peck deck same either 3 sets or one drop set all to failure.
  • Last but not least I do internal rotator work and some more plate rotations and that’s it :) This is my hypertrophy routine, my strength training routine consists of standing barbell shoulder presses/push presses.

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