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MuslimBodybuilding.com is here to help Muslims gain knowledge that will help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Whatever your goals may be, we are here to provide you the correct information through articles and open talks on our discussion forums.

  • Learn to eat properly
  • Learn to exercise
  • Improve your overall health via nutritional and life style changes
  • Be informed about the correct use of supplements
  • Develop and improve your aesthetic physical appearance through bodybuilding
  • Develop raw physical strength through powerlifting, strongman and strength training methods
  • Improve practical athletic performance for endurance and strength
  • Learn how to rehabilitate yourself after injury

The content of the website is gradually growing and as we continue to grow inshAllah we intend to be the best resource on the web. We need to build up our forum community and through this get questions and open discussions. Register on our forum and start asking questions, spread the word, like and share our Facebook page with others. We will be able to answer your many questions and through the answers create articles that will benefit others.

Why this organization was created

Over the years many brothers asked me for advice, tips, training but I’ve been unable to find the time. My goal is to fulfill this through this organization, a website and forum for Muslims. Our Iman is increased and maintained in good company and a good environment while decreased in a bad environment and bad company.

There are many Bodybuilding organizations, websites and forums scattered all over the internet. Unfortunately most are riddled and filled with inappropriate content, female nudity, cursing, Islam bashing, sale shops attempting to sell gimmicky brand supplements to the uninformed public regardless of actual benefit or effect.

Muhammad (saw) and the Sahaba (ra) encouraged us and were themselves fit, healthy and strong

Throughout the seerah of prophet Muhammad (saw) and the various narratives regarding the Sahaba (ra) we will find that they strived to be the best in everything after being best in their Islam. Whether it was to benefit themselves or the ummah as a whole they strived for Ihsan (perfection).

When it came to matters of health and physical condition Muhammad (saw) and the Sahaba (ra) were no exception. They were either slim and fit or muscular and strong, but rarely would you hear of one who was fat or obese. Unfortunately most Muslims just like the non-Muslims today are rarely fit, rarely strong and often obese.

As most of us know Muhammad (saw) said, the strong believer is more beloved to Allah than a weak believer in a hadith. This refers to Iman primarily; however most ulema will agree the same principle applies to being physically stronger. Likewise through many other narrations we are encouraged to engage in physical activity and abstain from overeating beyond our needs.

Once a man approached Umar ibn Khattab (ra) and Umar said looking at his stomach “What is this?” The man said “It is a blessing from Allah as I have plentiful provision.” Umar ibn Khattab said “No, it is a punishment from Allah.

There are many reminders to encourage us to change our condition. It is never too early or ever too late! It takes discipline and dedication but given enough time and striving the results are guaranteed!


About the founder

My name is Ahmed a Canadian convert to Islam of European origin. With the help of Allah (swt), inshAllah this website is my personal effort in creating an organization that helps Muslims in matters relating to physical activity, fitness, health and overall well-being.

I took interest in Islam in my high school years and officially embraced Islam during my first year of college in Dec 2003. From a young age I was an avid reader taking interest in history, sciences, cultures, religions, philosophy, technology and many other topics I could absorb. Observing my surroundings and other youth, I chose to abstain from the ‘norm’ around me. I had faith in Allah (swt). Yet as I tried to be a better Christian I learned more about Christianity and as I learned more the further I swept away from Christianity’s obvious man made traits. It did not falter my Iman but led me on a journey in which at first I studied Christianity in depth and later other religions with back to back comparisons. It ultimately led me to receiving the greatest gift anyone could ever receive. Despite the lies, animosity and demonization in mainstream media I found the truth and beauty of Islam.

During my teen years I was passionately involved in martial arts and sports. I graduated in computer animation but accumulated experience in computer sciences which ultimately led me to settling on a career in IT. After getting married I stopped martial arts, playing sports, even plain walking with a busy work schedule. I let myself go and ate everything that I could grab. It took less than a year to gain 100lbs and become 290lbs. I became morbidly obese.

At first I had no problems with this; I didn’t pay much attention, food tasted good. Then came the time where buying larger pants was no longer an option. I had a 56” waist and could no longer find cloths that I could fit into. A trip to ‘big and tall’ at a ‘mere’ 6’2 was all that I had left. Needless to say the doctor wasn’t pleased either. It was a wakeup call and I had to make a change.

Like many graduates once we stop certain sports from college we no longer know how to ‘get our body’ in shape. We were coached to do things and otherwise more than likely ate whatever we wanted to while our hormones did all the work. I struggled with lack of knowledge and a state of obesity. It led to back and forth experiments with different programs, starving and fad diets. To top it off I ended up with hormonal problems where I did not get results no matter what I did.

Alhamdulillah through all the challenges, medical issues, mistakes I made, trials and errors, struggling, time and dedication I eventually transformed my body. Most people never believe me I was ever obese until I show them my 290lbs photos. Now instead I struggle to find pants that have a small enough waist and big enough leg openings. It really brings a smile to me to have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction having achieved a complete turnaround in my life. I will never let myself go again inshAllah and only strive to be better and remain persistent.

All of us Muslims have certain knowledge and abilities; things that we love to do, know how to do or are good at doing. Knowledge is only good for as long as we can apply it, otherwise it is useless or wasted information. As such, I know there are many other Muslims who are left clueless as to how to achieve their desired physical and health goals. I am hoping to share my experiences, knowledge, progress and zeal with other Muslims.

It is never too early or too late to get yourself stronger and in shape!