If you dare, if you want a challenge and if you are brave enough give this a try. I guarantee you that you’ll be crawling instead of walking if you complete this challenge while giving it your all.

Last night when I mentioned finishing a more brutal leg routine than when I did 10 sets of heavy squats I didn’t lie. This is probably the  most brutal leg workout ever conceived. It could go along with the way Tom “Quadzilla” Platz’s worked his legs. If you don’t know who he is Google Tom Platz aka “Quadzilla”.  A man who had legs as big as tree trunks and who could repeatedly squat full depth with heavy weight 50 reps, 100 reps, all with meticulously deep heavy squats. One of the most beastly videos of him squatting was 500lbs [227.5kg] for 23 reps.

This workout has been given to me courtesy of a National level winning Canadian Bodybuilder Dave Fuentes. I’ve named it “548 reps of Mass Leg Destruction” because just as the name implies you will do that many reps by the end of the work out. Dave is a beast however like most professional Bodybuilders, they are not natural so they can train constantly for extended periods of times on routines like this.

This therefore is not your regular run of the mill leg workout that you would do every week for naturals. It’s not feasible. I’ve survived this routine for four weeks while dropping to lighter weights, but still burned  out. My legs certainly grew and in the end when I lowered my volume, my strength shot up too. Naturals can benefit from this routine as a shock routine. Do this routine to shock your legs or to challenge yourself only. Like anything, it’s about shocking your body and forcing it to get stronger, accustoming it to discomfort and forcing it to adapt past discomfort.

If you eat by the truck load on routines like this you WILL induce growth unless there is something wrong such as not eating by the truck load or maybe not eating enough? Sarcasm aside, it’s the most gruesome high volume hypertrophy routine ever conceived. This is not for strength, this is not meant to be an every week routine for a natural, so you will have to drop the weight sand let your ego hurt. It’s also definitely not a beginner routine, but by all means challenge yourself, you should have some sort of leg foundation before attempting this, but hey who am I to stop you :) With lightened weights for four weeks you may manage like I did, or you may do it once a month during a bulk.

Legs love heavy volume and heavy repetitions and this certainly has volume and then some.

To start with, go and warm up with a jog/walk for 5 minutes on a treadmill.

Sets Exercise Repetitions
 3 Leg Extensions 20
 1 Deep Squats (wide) 15
 2 Deep Squats (wide) 12
 2 Deep Squats (narrow) 10
 1 Lying Leg Curls 20
 2 Lying Leg Curls 15
 2 Lying Leg Curls 12
 1 Lying Leg Curls 10
 3 Walking lunges 20 steps
 3 Leg Extensions 10
 1 Leg Press 25
 3 Standing Calf Raises 20
 2 Standing Calf Raises 15
 3 Seated Calf Raises 20
 2 Seated Calf Raises 15
 2 Leg Press Calf Push 25


Scared? You should be… I was scared, but I SURVIVED! So bismillah if you want to try this challenge! :)

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